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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    I've had my Striker Stealth CSV helmet/lens for over a year now. I use it strictly for DC TIG on 304L stainless steel. I've ran 1000's of welds with it, and I am still using the original factory installed batteries.

    The last page of the owner manual has an exploded view of the helmet with a parts number listing below. Just to have one available when needed, I want to purchase a spare cover plate gasket. I plan on contacting HTP by E mail tomorrow morning to find out how I go about doing this.

    I've used a Jackson Nexgen, Miller Elite, and Miller performance series. The view through the CSV lens is clearer and more defined then the above mentioned three. The view through the Nexgen is real good too, but its just not quite as good as the CSV. I dislike the green tint of the Miller lens.

    A fair amount of my welding is in plant repair work were the view of the weld bead isn't always right in front of you. When viewing the weld off at an angle with the Nexgen, Miller Elite, and Miller performance series, there is a noticeably lighter shaded region along the edges of the lens. I don't see this lighter region through the CSV lens.
    There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth.

    Just email Paul P. @ HTP and he will set you up with whatever you need. I just email him, he sends me a quote, and then an invoice through paypal when everything is correct. Couldn't be any easier. I too am buying a few extra of everything because I hate inflation. Many things just went up in price, including stuff in the HTP Ebay store.
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    My main Autodark is a Miller Big Window Elite... that I bought new 8 or 10 years back..
    Other than needing batteries every few years.. absolutely no issues...

    I do a lot of low amperage inverter TIG (Dynasty)..and the multiple sensors and sensitivity have been a real boon on the low end where other helmets tend to flash...

    For instance... I have a NexGen that is impossible on the low end......

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    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

    Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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    Well, I'm getting info from threads like this on a few discussion forums, and I've decided against the MDE (because it's too much of a PITA), and the CSV (because it's a store brand, and it seems gimmicky). If I was getting a $300 helmet, it'd be an Optrel or a Speedglas, but as good as I believe they are, I just can't rationalize that expense as a hobbyist welder, even though the cost isn't a problem.

    So I'm left with the Hobart Impact, Jackson Nitro or Insight, or Speedglas 100V.

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    I ordered a Hobart impact last night through Amazon. Cyberweld was a little cheaper, but we do a lot of business on Amazon, so it was just easier. I'll try to remember to post my opinion when I try it out.

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