Had the chance to buy used Miller Big 40 Diesel. It is in good shape for the year (1988)but engine had miss and smoked. Hadn't run in 10 years. Finally got it running like new. Needed injection pump rebuilt. Need mew face plate but all in all she's in good shape.
Spent all day yesterday welding on 2 separate repairs with it. Wow that welder runs a very nice soft bead. Couldn't believe it for a 26 year old welder. Hate to say it but welds much nicer than the 225 Bobcat Nt. I've been using for last 2-years. Just wish it wasn't so heavy but for now it's my go to welder for out of shop repair. Think I'll put it in a trailer & set up so don't hv to keep loading on truck.
Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not good. Like the saying goes.
"I'm as good once as I ever was"
There's still hope for us older guys.
Watch out for the sparks. Greg