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    Default Millermatic 300 with Spoolmate 2 200 amp gun

    Just bought this spoolmate and dont know how to hook it up to my millermatic 300. The gun has two sets of leads that go to the welder; one has 3 wires, the other 4. They are labeled 13,14,23 and 15,16,21,22 respectively. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, JR

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    Do you have manuals. If nobody gets in I'll look at the manuals and try to help.

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    Based on the wire numbers you listed I believe you meant Spoolmatic 2 as opposed to Spoolmate 200. The older Spoolmatic 2 requires its WC-2 weld control in order to be connected to and used with a host of machines.

    However, the Spoolmate 200 can be used with the MM300 and whether the 300 is the meter version or not determines if the SM200 is a direct connect (nothing else required) or if the WC-24 weld controller is needed (non-meter unit).

    The higher capacity Spoolmatic 15A and 30A units can be used with the MM300 as well.
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