I don't want to high jack another discussion about a 350 P.

I'm currently running a Cobra Matic push pull set up that works pretty good but we are getting into more aluminum box Gravel Trains.

There are other aluminum items that are thinner that we don't even consider the mig for, so we tig weld them.

Anything thinner than 3/16" of an inch is definitely Tig material.

However, The video's said the 350-P can go as thin as 18 GA. which is thinner than almost anything I ever weld ( Even with tig )

Spatter is another big concern, My current unit leaves alot of spatter which is okay on the inside of a gravel Train box but not okay on a lot of other things.
Would I be correct to say that in pulse mode there is very little spatter.

Its a lot of money so I hate to sell mine and buy the same thing that I already have.