I have been using a MM211 with 80CF 75/25 bottle for several years now. Works great and I'm about to try aluminum w/ the spoolgun soon so I need to get 100% argon bottle. I was thinking of getting a larger 120CF tank this time.

However, I also plan to get a small TIG eventually (not sure on the diverson/syncrowave/dyna$ty debate yet). So once I get a TIG would you guess I will use the MIG or the TIG more often? Should the larger tank be for the 75/25 or for the 100% argon?

I weld in spurts, sometimes I don't weld for a couple months, other times I weld every day for a few weeks, depending on the projects. Mostly automotive hobby projects, offroad 4x4 vehicles, drag racing, etc. Not sheetmetal work usually, more custom suspension and chassis work, etc.

Just trying to plan ahead, Thank you.