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You guys are great, gave me some good ideas of what to look for, I had my number wrong earlier, it is set to arc length -50 and arc control 25. I wish I could use a ss wire brush but most of these old boats usually have several coats of old paint and there is always something gooped everywhere in an attempt to seal leaks, one of you mentioned increasing the tip size? I have some .047 tips but did not figure they would work with .030 wire. I will see if I can find anything but may just start changing out parts. Also the tension adjuster at the machine end are set so loose they are hardly applying pressure to the drive wheels but if I tighten them to 2 or 3 I get a feedjam and birdnest. Back in a while, thx again

I may stand corrected but the 350p and XR-Alumapro are not set up for .030 wire, drive rollers and pulse programing for .035 and 3/64 wire only. That would explain a lot.