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    Default Millermatic 210 problems


    We have a Millermatic 210 in our shop at home. Lately we've been noticing that the welder hasn't been acting quite right.

    The beads looks fine, but the spatter has been continually getting worse. When you weld with it, it almost acts like the wire is "exploding" when it hits the metal, and spatter beads are everywhere.

    Also, the most recent oddity is, when you are welding, if you lean up against the machine itself, it almost feels like it is physically bouncing.

    One last thing, if you are jogging the wire, you can hear something that sounds like it's rubbing. The wheels are not rubbing with the brass pieces anywhere. when you take the spring out, it goes away. Put the spring in, and it begins making that weird sound again.

    We have done a few things to try to troubleshoot, with no improvement in the weld.

    - The drive wheels were cleaned
    - Brand new liner installed

    Any thoughts?

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    Wire tension too tight, wrong sized contact tip, spool tension too tight, wrong polarity, inadequate gas flow

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    Thank you, I will give that a shot.

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