Hey guys, I'm Jerry and I visit the forum often to rob information, but just joined today .

I recently picked up a 2008 Pro 300D (D = deutz 2008 L04 motor). Before I mount it on my truck, I took it to get looked at by a local service guy and he told me to sell it now while it runs/welds/and has low hours (2400). He's basing this on the fact that the motor has been discontinued, it was a lister petter design (but deutz manufactured it), parts are hard to come by, and he says "it's a lemon".

So, for you guys that have used or use or work on these machines ------
1. Are they the performers and "bullet proof" like they claim?

2. Are parts hard to come by? I called about an injection pump and about fell over when they told how much it was.

3. Is this motor a lemon?

My use for this will be general construction, repair work, and whatever else pays to weld. I live in Phoenix, AZ and it's a little hot here in the summer.

I have more to the story, but would like your feedback to keep things as "un-biased" as possible.

Thanks guys,