Hey everyone! I'm new here and I've been welding for about 6 years now. I obtained my Alberta pressure ticket this past October and the shop I'm working for are upgrading all the pressure welders tickets. The next one to tackle is stainless pressure. The root is rolled MIG hard wire 316 I believe, with a stainless stick fill and cap. The root is going smooth but the fill passes are being a real *******. I'm using 3/32 309-17 rod (I think) I was playing with my amperage from about 60-70 amps attempting to run stringers, tried a lil weave...Didn't seem to help to much. Ive been searching on forums trying to learn as much as I can on stick welding stainless and I found this video quite interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUpDPEVJ5K4 . I read the forum where the video was posted and he was using a remote to fluctuate his amperage as he went through the weld. Granted this is a rolled position, I found his technique interesting. He used a stepping motion of lengthening and shorting the arc to manipulate how much heat he put in or to help the weld flow out nicer? How would using a remote out of position such as the 6G help? The dude in the video said he always uses a remote and I trust his word by how well his welds turned out. The test coupon will be 2" sch 160. Any help or advice is welcome!!