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Your going to need that board that sits on your SR!, Another thing after your output board is your top board, generally the pulse trasnformers are trashed. These fire the IGBT's. Best take it into a qualified tech
Hmm. Do you have anything that will tell me what the specs are on the boards. The sr1 board looks ok with nothing discolored, blown, ect. The SR1 itself is dead shorted between the terminals. I would also like to get my hands on the specs for the PC2 board as well, but miller said they didn't have anything. I most likely will not take it to a qualified tech, I work on everything myself and the few times i have taken anything to "qualified" techs has turned out to be a mess. I did call my local tech and he just wanted to replace a whole bunch of parts with out even checking them. Sounds like he didn't even know how to check them, which makes sense since none of that info is in the tech manual. Fortunately for me my brother works at a electronics development firm so he will be doing most of the checking/work for me. Just getting my hands on the specs is the hard part.