Hi guys, I am working on a xmt 304 cc/cv and need some help. I posted over on another forum, but have not been able to get as much help as I need. I recently bought a 304 at an auction. I got it home, plugged it in flipped the switch on and boom breaker popped. Checked wiring and such, and still the same thing. Pulled the cover off and discovered VR1 is cooked. So I spent the next few days trying to get my hands on a tech manual. Well I finally got one today and took the machine along with the manual to my electronic gooroo brother. We started doing the pre power check and disovered right away the SR1 and on/off power switch is bad along with the VR1. So i will be ordering those parts to replace them. However, what else do I need to be looking at. Is there something else that we are missing that could have caused these parts to go bad, or did these parts cause anything else to go bad. I really don't want to replace the parts only to have it happen over again. Any help will be greatly appreciated.