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    Pepi, you're so funny!
    In a crazy kind of way, that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMW View Post
    ... Please do not change the color or the font. Remember the last time? Also try not to make us have to relearn how to use the whole forum. Minor changes are fine but major ones for a non-tech guy is difficult.

    Like I said I like it here. Thank you for being a great host.
    Yes! Do not change for change's sake. PLEASE! We don't need chartreuse text on a black background (or vice versa) or pastel accents on a dull gray background. Shock and awe are one thing, but usually done to neighboring enemy countries, not your clientele.
    Miller stuff:
    Dialarc 250 (1974)
    Syncrowave 250 (1992)
    Spot welder (Dayton badged)

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    Default disgrutled

    Hmmm ol Pepi never did come back,, but Elvis is in the house!!

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    Default Easy pic post

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    Quote Originally Posted by H80N View Post

    I have been here since Nov 2003.... and this forum runs like any other forum that is powered by vBulletin software... and that is most of them.. some have more options enabled than others.. but all basicly the same....

    and it has thus far served it's purpose in being a place where like minded people have exchanged experiences, knowledge and technique related to welding and fabricating..

    Attachment 33767

    Attachment 33768

    Do not implement these warnings without professional supervision.. they are for demonstration purposes only... had these been actual warnings.. you would have seen a flashing light just below the hovering orb of the mother ship.....

    Don't think it's vBulletin. I've seen a number of VB forums and they're much slicker than this thing. The layered navigation is also a pain the wazoo. But hey, I suppose it gets the job done.

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    Leave the forum alone. It works well enough.

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