Just my 2 cents and unasked for opinion. The way or the lack of way to add photos to the post is very low, no tech. Sure it adds an attachment, but NO ONE wants to do a bunch of mouse clicks to view the projects.

Does not allow the visitor to see the complete sequence.

I am very surprised that such a great company cheeps out so bad on the most important aspect of having a forum where folks can discuss and display the welding they are doing.

What's up with that MILLER you should be ashamed of this poorly built forum ................ Just awful dose not look good on you..

I am stunned and speechless, great welders, own two mig and tig, come here to see how and what the owners do with them. Cannot stand trying to view the photos.

This is the only complaint I have ever registered about a miller product in 12 years, this is a pathetic experience.

A big FAT ZERO for effort