I'm one of those individuals that has a real hard time throwing just about any thing in the scrap bin. In fact if you ever let me get around your scrap bin you probably ought to keep a close eye on me because, odds are, I'll most likely try and poach some thing out of it.

Any way, every now and then I put stuff like what's in the following pictures together and hand them out. A lot of times I'll write my name and phone number on them and leave them on the counters of places I do business at. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this program over the years.

Shinny Things 004.jpg

These ss cubes, especially the ones made out of the slotted perf plate like the 3 on the right have been a real big hit with folks. Dimes and pennies fit thru the slot making them useable as piggy banks.

SS Cubes 010.jpg