j96simmons has a problem with his Shopmaster...

but has been unable to post... guess the software got upgraded again and is acting up,,, (BTW... the EMail notification has been inop for a while too)

So he PM'd me and I posted it..

"I have been trying to make a post about a welder problem but for three days it does not work I just get a pop up that a mod need to approve my post but it never gets posted ..... I see you help a lot of people so I sent you this pm.. with the post I have tried to make.

miller shopmaster 300 only maximum weld output in cv

Hi I have a miller shopmaster 300 and in CC the voltage/current settings work just fine from the front panel or from a foot pedal when tig welding but when I switch to CV for my wire feeder it is stuck at max voltage/current no matter what the knob is set at.

I have took the side panels off and looked for anything obvious but all looks good any help you could give me would be great .............. Thanks "