I am having an issue with my Synchrowave 180 Tig machine.
I have used red tungsten (thoriated) over the years but nowam switching to blue tungsten (2% Lanthanated made by Miller) because of thephase out of the red.

Im not happy with it to say the least, but then again, Icould be doing something wrong with my machine. I have been welding for 10 years with my Synchrowave and love it. It’s a very basic machine, amp knob,Tig/Stick setting and DCneg/AC/DCpos switch. Foot control.
Im welding mild steel, my Pure argon gas flow is 15-20. Welding on DCNeg. I ground my tungsten the same on both blueand red.
Welding at about 50 – 60 amps on the dial; max.
I grind the tungsten with grind marks up/down the length oftungsten.
Here are some of the issues im having:
1. Arc goes sideways or moves around. Arc wont stay at the tip to the material as it should.
2. Weld looks like a mig weld with no gas shield. Very rigid looking not smooth like using redtungsten.
3. Pushes filler rod away when I try to melt into weldpool
4. Sounds like an arc weld
5. Even with metal not perfectly clean, the red tungstenwelds nicely and clean, smooth…2% Lanthanated is opposite effect.

Welding with the red (Thoriated) tungsten sounds smooth, when welding with the 2% Lanthanated, it sounds rigid and unbalanced.

To be honest, I would see better results, spot welding witha gas shielded mig than using the blue 2% Lathanated tungsten.

Sorry if my terminology is off.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.