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Welding is only a portion of my income, getting the job done requires versatility. At income tax time I have to add it up. I'm always startled at the money spent on tools! It isn't safe to think of the cost of buying a welder. You must estimate the cost of the support equipment needed to make it work. A 3000 Dollar welder costs 4500 dollars to use, before you buy fuel, electrodes, gas (shielding or fuel) Then there is electricity. Are you going to drive to the customer? Vehicle costs must be factored. Will you have a facility? Rent, insurance, license, utilities, depreciation must be considered. I get frustrated with customers who want to compensate me for rod. Huh? What about other expenses? Oh! you hoped I wouldn't know about them. Why wouldn't I know about them, they are real bills, I have to pay them!
Good advice there.
I have the ability and skill what I need now is buisness knowledge.