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I see what you're saying. These jobs will more or less be my bread and butter starting out. I REALLY enjoy fabrication but that will come in time. Stick with the bread and butter, get my name out there and the rest will come (I hope).
Thank you for your advice and believe me I am listening.
I have a feeling that after working with your friend for a few days, you will find the majority of what he does involves the BC. You should be trying to get yourself rigged up similarly. You already know the BC can be used for TIG with the right torch. I would think the same torch could be used on the Dynasty when you get it later. What you may not realize though is that the BC can also MIG weld with a spool gun and the appropriate contactor box. With these additions, you can now TIG, MIG and stick weld with the BC, and all portable with no concerns about a separate power supply. Now you can do more with this set up than you could have done with the Dynasty and genset. Not to mention, you can weld thicker material than with the Dynasty. A Dynasty would be more appropriate to use in a shop setting or somewhere that you can't get an engine drive close to. But in the mean time, you could use the HH 140 for most of those jobs. So you came here looking for suggestions on getting set up for portable welding work, and I recommend getting the BC with a TIG torch and spool gun, then get the Dynasty later after you start making some money with the BC or possibly a Trail Blazer if you can swing it. A Trail Blazer will give you a few more options over the BC, so check the specs on some of them before you totally commit to getting a BC.