Hello folks,
A little about me.......
My name is Robbie and I am a "self taught" welder. I can stick, mig and scratch start tig.
I learned how to weld by watching others, practacing and finding my own way.
I have been working at a textile plant for 21 years. Over the last 7 I have been part of the Technical Maintenance department and learned these things to better myself.
Recently the plant sent 8 of us to a tech to take the G3 7018 vertical up certification so we can work on the elevators in the plant. Only 4 of us passed. The instructor told me I had one of the best looking welds he had seen from someone who has never had any instruction (probably not saying much lol).
I have always enjoyed wood working and love to build about anything. This has helped enormously in my metal fabrication. If I can picture it in my mind, have the right material then I can usually make it.
My department now sends all of the fabrication and small piping jobs to me. This may come off as if I am full of myself but actually I am the opposite. I always question myself and worry over every little mistake in my wood work as well as my metal fab work. Even the ones know one else can see (but I know are there).
After passing the vertical up test I have been contemplating starting a small portable welding buisness. But I need help and advice.
First is the problem of scratch start tigging. It's all I have ever done but I woupd really love to get into the finer art of tig welding.
Is it harder to learn?
What is the best machine to use for a beginner?
We have a syncrowave at work BUT we do not use it for what it was intended for. We even scratch start 1/4" aluminium. I have been trying to teach myself but with no foot pedal or anything it's really tough.
I enjoy welding more than I do wood working and I didn't think anything would take away from that passion.
There are many more questions but my wife just looked at me and asked "do you really think anyone is going to read all that" so I guess I will give y'all a break.
Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice,