Hello all,

Let me first start by saying I'm glad to join the ranks of you guys with my first miller welder. Ive been welding with a no name (china) brand 220 mig for about 5 years now and got a good deal on my 1986 black faced millermatic 35.

Now I bought in non operational state. When I got it, It had some nasty wire in it and the gun and liner were shot. I barrowed a gun with a new liner in it and bought some new .35 wire and thing was welding great for about 5 welds.

Now the drive rollers are just spinning on the wire. I can take the spool off and the rod that holds the spool doesn't spin when I hit the trigger (i'm told its supposed to).

Does this sound like the problem? I'm really excited about my new machine just getting disappointed as I can seem to figure it out. Hopefully you guys can help me (im not sure tech savy, so go easy on me). Thanks a lot guys!