The bumper guards are removable from the robot so that you can easily change them to either red or blue depending an the particular alliance. We decided to make the length and width of our robot a little smaller so we wouldn't be so close the perimeter limit, like we were in the past. Unfortunately we didn't make the bumper guard smaller to match. You can clearly see the misfit on our SolidWorks assembly model but if you don't look at the model you don't see it. So I had to cut 3/8" off of the two long sides to make it fit. While I was at it, I also added fillet welds in the corners to stiffen up the bumper guards. There was only a short section about 1.5" long on top connecting the sides together and it looked wimpy to me. I found out later that the bumper guards failed in that area last year.

1. Three Bumper Supports Cut up.jpg
2. Fixtured for Welding.jpg
3. Inside Fillet Weld.jpg
4. Outside Fillet Weld .jpg