They do. I a ctually posted on craigslist to see if anyone wanted to sell unopened 1k Kerosene cans . I had a response that a Hess close by sells it by the gallon($3.85). I went and picked up 5 gallons even though I had ten gallons. Just to be sure it worked. It was clear and the guy said it was 1k but it instantly flared up when I put it in my duraheat heater. I had to desmoke my garage after 10 minutes.....then I was able to relight it and adjust it but it definitely sooted up the wick so I'll assume it's just standard kero....these duraheat heaters WILL NOT run on anything but 1k kerosoene after the first tank full. Dave
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They don't sell kerosene at gas stations around you? We have acouple of stations within 5 miles of us that sell it and it is about $5.00 a gallon verses the containers at lowes that are presealed.