I am curious as to bang for the buck heaters? Currently I have a duraheat kerosene heater for my 18x30 insulated/attached garage.It works fine and puts out enough BTUs for me BUT 1k kerosene seems to be "readily" available only at Lowes and Home Depot. I would gladly keep using this unit if it didn't cost me $50 after taxes for 5 gallons....I have used forced hot air kerosene heaters(they run on kero or diesel) and they work well but are noisy and I guess the turbulence would mess with my TIG work. The heater I have now is great but it WILL NOT run on diesel or kerosene other than 1k.....it clogs the wick and wastes it. Realistically it costs me about $150/month as often as I go out there. I need heat it from ambient temperature to a comfortable temp to work in. Seems most propane heaters aren't that efficient....am I wrong? If you were going to buy one what would you go with? My garage is fully insulated. Dave