Well I have always had to tig weld sitting down and being comfortable. Well yesterday during some ATV plowing I found out quickly welds break. I also noticed how poorly some welds are in mass production. So here are the before and after pictures... I want to hear the good the bad and ugly...


As you can see by this picture the only good weld is the big one. The front one going up and down never made a weld. All they did is create a bead. The bigger one that goes across did make a good weld and actually broke the steel. You can see the back weld also only was good for a bead and didn't really get any penetration either.


Here the front bead you can see never got any penetration at all.


Now here is the start of me welding. I was bent over in an awkward position I was never in before welding. That was bad enough but I was standing in such a way that it was hard enough to just stand there bent over doing something but I had actually had to lift my foot and run the pedal. I could've stick welded it but that won't teach me anything for running a tig welder.

This is my first weld...





One thing is since I have welded it back together it is actually easier to mount it on the ATV now. So I guess it has been tweaked from the factory ever since I bought it. Though there welding in mass production sucks.