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    Ok, so some of you may feel that this thread is better off if left alone to die, but it's been long enough, we should know what happened.
    Did he get a new welder and it worked perfectly fine with his generator, or food he get a new welder and it acted the same and the gen was the problem or was it the weldor?
    I'd like to know! But I doubt we every will....

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    Seriously. People come here demanding help then most of the time you never hear the outcome. Doesn't help diagnose things down the road.

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    Pretty frustrating!

    Since he never followed up I am going to guess it was something on his end. Maybe just a bad welder who was still learning the basics? There are enough variables that make it challenging to diag, let alone adding the new welder and powering it with a genny.

    I hope we hear back either way!
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    Yea, it sad. Everybody tries to help and some people she take the responses and run. I guess we we will never know the outcome. I'll try a PM to him.

    No reply as of , 3/15

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    Thumbs up Thanks Guys

    I have just finished reading this thread all the way through. You have been most patient and helpful dealing with this guy.

    I have just bought Miller 211 with the dual voltage plug. I am in the process of getting it up and running. I have not done any welding since using a buzz box 40 years ago. I am retiring in a few months and bought the welder to use around the ranch and for general projects -- so far. I am thinking of doing art type welding too.

    I am an administrator on a Harley Davidson forum with a quarter million members. I can tell you that you were much easier on the OP than Harley riders would have been. It is good to know where to turn to learn when I need help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grover View Post

    I am an administrator on a Harley Davidson forum with a quarter million members.
    Welcome to the Miller forums. I used to run the HD laser and robotic welder that was in York Pa and moved to Ohio running HD parts...Bob
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