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Oh, in answer to one of your previous questions - since a MIG is almost always a Constant Voltage source, if it's very advanced and it doesn't see enough voltage (too small a cord, etc) it will probably INCREASE its current draw in order to maintain the voltage it wants to see - so it's possible that ANY cause of undervoltage in its supply could cause the unit to draw more CURRENT, thereby popping the breaker... Steve
Well, there wasn't any difference in how long the welder took to crap out between using my 50' 10 gauge cord and just plugging it right into the genny, so the problem is not in between the welder and the generator.

If the machine proves to work flawlessly tomorrow, I think we'll know which end the problem is truly on. My question is, if it is indeed the generator's fault, then what in the world can I do to fix that? Take it in for service, or just accept the fact that Briggs/Generac makes crap and I'll be tied down to using a socket...?