My adult son bought a XMT 304 off local classifieds. Divorcee getting rid of stuff. XMT belonged to ex. He used it all the time, she said. Been sitting in storage over a year, she said. No way to try it at her location. You can bring it back if it doesn't work, she said. My son brings it to the shop. Plug it in. Lights come on, hear clicks and beeps, then a blinking HEL P7 code comes up. Download owners manual. We check wiring under the cover, OK. Our voltages OK. No output. Told son to return it to the lady. Story short, lady gone. Her crackhead son says FU it's yours. Lesson learned. Contacted Miller. "take to authorized service facility. Too much liability to tell you anything". OK, I can understand that in today's lawyer infested world. I'm not entirely stupid as to the inherent electrical hazards of this unit, but I can use a multimeter or change out a PC board without endangering myself. According to the operators manual, PC-1 main control board may be the problem. Serial # of machine is LF141807A. My question is this: would this machine be worth trying to repair or should we sell it as salvage and take the lumps. It is very clean in and out. My son has somewhat less than a thousand in it. He was trying to surprise me with this machine. Can't fault him for his good intentions. Hoping you Miller gurus might offer a ray of hope here.