Hey everyone, I'm 17 currently. I tried to look this up on the forum if I missed a certain thread covering this issue I truly apologize. I'm new to this forum so in still on a learning curve, but any ways. I work in a welding shop doing welding and fit up from just stuff on a welding table to overhead welding and some outside welding. We run mainly solid and flux cored mig and stick welding. In the shop we all use a fairly standard run of mill 2x4 flip front welding helmets. I am currently use a cheap 15-20 dollar helmet with a arc one tradesmen auto darkening lens. Now I've seen photos of just a few folks with slots cut into the front of the welding helmet near the mouth of the welder. We use the flip front clear lens for grinding, we wear safety glasses under this as well. When grinding my safety classes fog up. I was wondering if cutting 4 or 5 slits in the front of helmet so my breath could escape would prevent fogging also would this be safe still or would it defeat the purpose of it? Also I was going to cut the good down so it doesn't hit my neck and hang a chunk of scrap leather over it to make up for. Are they any safety issues with these mods? And would these slots in the helmet be effective for stopping or preventing fogging? Any pictures of anyone who has done these to their helmet would be great! Thanks in advance.