How did the ice storm affect you?

I was very lucky and was only out from
6:20 AM Wed Feb 5 until 1:30 PM Friday Feb 7.

Used my 7000 watt generator to power me and 2 neighbors.
Loaned the spare 5000 watt one to another neighbor who was able to run his neighbor also.

Now that I have power, I'm loaning my 2 generators around to those who still don't have power.
They in turn asked if they could also loan them to others who are still out.
Hope I get them back but if not at least someone has power.

Funny thing is that I was more upset since I couldn't use the Dynasty 350.

Had to make do with the Oxy-fuel set-up to fix things for the neighbors.
Also got to use the propane weed burner to (slowly) thaw some frozen pipes.
Worked well with no leaks and I got free beer so there is always a silver lining.

Hope everyone is safe.