I spend some time each week shopping for good deals on welding gear. Much of my time is spent on Craigslist. Last year I started collecting my favorite ads. Here are some lines from a few of them:

This is a good welder I donít know anything about it

If you call and a man answers say you are calling about the baby stuff donít mention the welder

I need to sell this welder to get my brother out of jail

Was $550 new, will sell it for $1500 obo

I donít know how it got here but I need to get it out of my garage

Will consider a trade for a pick-up NO FORDS

I think it was made in China as the instructions are in French

Linkin welder almost new

Bring someone to help you load it. It weighs a million pounds

This is a great arch welder

There is no place to plug it in because they shut off my electrical

I canít weld worth a **** so Iím selling it