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    Quote Originally Posted by motorhead
    Sure was disapointed with the results of the top 3 projects. I thought this was going to be something to challenge people, not begining welding 101. I am not trying to take away from the guys that won, but come on its suppose to be something with a little more welded parts on it.
    I liked some of the top 10 projects a lot better. The English wheel, Tubing bender, even the Rack. Something you can sink your teeth into. Even for a beginner like me it would be something to be proud of, and worth the Awards that Miller gave out.

    What are your thoughts?
    Yep! I agree. All were very fine and it would be difficult to choose between any of the top ten. There were some very fine projects submitted that exhibited not only fine welding skills but demonstrate outstanding design and engineering skills that in my estimation should have been in the top three..

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    Default English Wheel Plans

    The frame has never been a problem. It is the wheels that were giving me fits. All the ones from catalog were too big for what I wanted to do. Thank you so much for this alternative. This will work great on aluminum fairings for my homebuilt project. The welding looks like a snap to do and the parts numbers are so helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by jarto017 View Post
    I was also a little disappointed in the projects challenge. I was under the impression they were looking for some "new" welding ideas, not plans that have been floating around the net for awhile now. I have most of those plans already bookmarked in my favorites!I didn't think we could just take someone else's ideas and call them our own. I'm also a little bitter because I too came up with an air tool rack idea. Except mine doesn't take 20 dollars in brass couplers to build, its all scrap bed frame, its original, you can oil your tools while being stored and its portable, plus its my own design

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