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    Default Onan p216g interchangabilty

    ok, I bought a miller bobcat 225g with a onan p216g. I had always wondered why it puked out oil out of the fuel pump. needless to say i found out what was causing it. I found that I had 2 bent intake valves and lost the seat in on of them and as of right now the engine is FUBAR'D as of right now. So here is the million dollar question of the day... The welder is a 1991 model according to MILLER, so I am guessing the engine is a 1990-1992.. I found another p216g with very little run time, but before i do that i was wondering if these engines will swap out or if I am going to run in to problems with the crank mating to the generator...

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    Default Don't take my word on this but check it out

    I believe that engines that are designated for use with generators usually have tapered shafts whereas other engines use straight shafts. See which yours has and limit your search to them. Also, and once again this is just my understanding so you'll have to check it out yourself, but I think the mounting holes and bolt patterns are more or less universal for various sized engine platforms and generators, so you may not even have to limit yourself to the original brand and model of engine if you are getting one of about the same horsepower.

    And with that said I wish you all the luck in the world finding a 20+ year old used engine in good repair.

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    Default called cummin/onan

    I found out today that for that engine there was 11 different crankshafts, I don't know if they are generational or by application. But I guess the only way I am going to find out is to get the full numbers off of both engines and run them to see if they are interchangeable. And you do bring up some good points as far as mounting. I have heard that some later model p216 in a miller application were threaded.

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    Maybe change the title in your thread to reflect your question. Something like Onan P216g interchangeability.
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    Default Thread title

    Noted sir!!! Didn't even think of that!

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    Old engine has a code on the data plate, the new engine must have the same code

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