I have a mini excavator - Volvo EC25. Years back I had a thumb installed, which included having someone weld a clevis bracket on the boom. The individual did a great job, only welding the vertical edges to the boom. There is now a small crack starting on the corner of the boom just above the bracket, which is about 1 1/2" to 2" in length - half of the crack goes across the back of the boom and the other half along the side. I didn't trust myself to weld this so I got some ballpark figures, which turned out to be more than I want to pay. In reading other forums my intent is to remove the paint, V notch along the crack, drill holes at the start and end of the crack and finally weld. I am intending to use 7018 rods. Any suggestion or advice? Should/can I grind the weld flush when done?