Miller Welders
For any of you who experience performance issues with our Arc Armor® gloves, or any Miller product, you should first contact the Distributor location where you purchased the product, or call our Service line on 866-931-9731.

We produce a high number of welding gloves, and while a certain percentage of manufacturer defects are inevitable, our overall defect rates are low. We did not discontinue the gloves due to any quality issue. We enhanced our offering of safety apparel as part of our commitment to continuously improving product styles and designs.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at or the Service line above.
Well as far as I am concerned the "over all defect rate" with those particular gloves ISN'T low. It's 100%, I bought two pair and each had the lining rip out really fast and it wasn't because of me. Those particular gloves are the worst stick welding gloves I ever had. I won't be buying anymore no matter what the "over all defect rate" is.