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I took out the points and cleaned them, then reinstalled them and reset the gap to 0.008. I blew out every area inside the machine (which was quite dusty). I rechecked to see just what I have going on. If I have the machine set on DC and drag start the TIG torch, it holds an arc fine. It will not jump any gap to start now, however, which it has always done before. I seem to have no AC. The machine will arc if you drag start but will not maintain the arc. It just sort of sputters and sounds similar to when you forget to turn on the gas before starting to weld but gas is flowing because I hear it at the cup. I see no arcing at the points at all, which I have always seen in the past. I have not checked any capacitors yet other than visually.
and you do have 115 vac to the switch and then on the primary side of the HV transformer..??

if you don't... then none of the rest of the tests matter..