I'm considering a TIG welder in the 200 to 250A range.

The Dynasty 200 DX fits that bill, but at more than twice the price of other TIG welders with the same features, I need convincing by those telling me why from a technical point of view, the Dynasty is better made.

First of all, where (in detail) is the welder made? I'm not talking about the discreet components because they have been made off-shore by all major electronics manufacturers for ages. I'm talking about the boards, the transformers...the major components. Miller was vague on this in an e-mail to me the other week.

Where is the foot pedal made? In another manufacturer's forum, some members have had issues with belts coming off the cog on their foot pedal. I mean, its a simple low tech item like a foot pedal...how can it not work reliably? Even as a hobbyist not making my living with my equipment, I do not have any patience for tools that do not work....they get flung through the garage door opening at warp speed.

So convince me. I'd like to hear from owners who use this welder on a daily basis at work. I already have an expert welder who uses a Dynasty 700 on a daily basis where I used to work giving me tips. He also pointed out Everlast and Longevity welders to me, so that has me wondering.