I am not a professional welder but Ive been tig welding for years. I had a Maxstar 90 machine that I started with in the late 90's. Welded both carbon and stainless with pretty good results right from the start. That machine broke 2 years ago so last year I bought a Syncrowave 200 to replace it. Wanted to start welding aluminum. When I first got the machine I used it to stick weld and was pretty happy with it. Then I got busy with work and didnt get to use it for 8 months. So I finally get it all set up to tig weld and am now having all kinds of trouble. The problem I am having is the diameter of the arc is large and appears to be coming from high up on the tungsten. The arc doesnt come off the point of the tungsten, it seems to come from the top of the taper. The tungsten also deteriorates rapidly. So I have looked for solutions and tried changing amperage, changing flow rate, changing tungsten, sharpening angles, polarity (just to see what would happen), stick out, torch angle and none of these things seem to change the quality of the arc. The arc just isnt concentrated off the tip of the tungsten. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont know what else to try.