i have an air cooled syncrowave 200 that i bought new in 2006. cant find the owners manual and cant find what i need in the online manuals.

i barely use it, but lately use it about every other week for home projects.

today i tried welding steel and it turned on, had gas flow when i hit the pedal, but would not strike an arc. i couldnt hear the points spark either. tried it on ac for aluminum, and the same thing, nothing. i pressed one of the buttons on the front panel and it showed HELP -12.
tried movig the ground, turn the unit on and off and on again, unplugged it and repluged it back in, finally getting it to strike and arc and weld. BUT when i press the button it still says HELP -12, even though it now works.

what is going on ? what is a HELP -12 code ?
should i look at the points and see if they are corroded or something else ?
i cant believe i have mis[laced the owners manual...

thanks for any help guys.