I just got a new dynasty this week after using the old analog synchrowave 250 since I started welding aluminum this thing is blowing my mind. I weld mostly anodized aluminum schedule 40 pipe. No. 7 cup .125 cieriated tungsten. 60% uhp helium 40% uhp argon. At about 250 amps and I pulse the pedal. I've messed with all kinds of settings and can't seem to get it the same as the old 250. I also can't even get a good arc start. With it on hf start I still need to lift arc to get it going. Right now my settings on the new 350:
AC hf start
250 amps ep/en
70hertz frequency
40% balance
With 1/8th cieriated tungsten properly prepped for no good reason cause it is immediately ruined.
I also dont fully understand the ep/en stuff
Any advice or personal settings would be apreciated