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    I like my Hobart full leather jacket from Tractor Supply Company. The sleeves are lined and it is very comfortable. I'm also in school and it did get a bit too hot for a few weeks after we started class back in Sep. Then I used my leather cape I bought from the LWS but the sleeves are not lined and on hot days my arms looked like I had one of those cheap spray-on orange tans. I only really use them for welding overhead. Though right before Christmas break I wore the jacket just because it got so cold in the shop!!

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    I recently got a new leather jacket from Lincoln. It is to replace a Miller Combo jacket. The combo jacket was pretty good but Miller doesn't increase the torso length as the size increases which left me about 4-5" short of being fully covered on my torso which sucks bad for overhead and grinding. The Lincoln jacket is pretty comfortable. So far it's the best leather jacket that I've owned. A few people in the shop use Hobart leathers that seem to hold up just fine.

    Just walk into a welding supply shop and see what they have. They will likely have something that will work for you and can tell you what is best.

    This is the jacket I bought for reference:

    Also, as part of the class you'll likely be doing a lot of overhead and grinding. I'd recommend a full leather jacket for that. When I started class I was in the Miller Combo jacket and it ate my chest and stomach up. Not only that, the sparks will find your back if you let them. I still have burn marks from it. Do yourself a favor and get full leathers and maybe a cheap cloth jacket for everything else.

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    Default Caiman 3030-6 Extra Large 30-Inch Gold Boarhide Welding Coat

    Caiman 3030-6 Extra Large 30-Inch Gold Boarhide Welding Coat

    My Amazon Review:
    Amazon offered two day delivery. Had to make two 30 mile drives to get it. One on the day it was to be delivered and then again two days later when it actually arrived.

    I returned it because:
    - I used the company sizing method and it recommended a L. I ordered and XL and it was still too small. Would never be able to wear it with more than a t-shirt and it would have still been tight.
    - Material doesn't look thick enough to be used for overhead.
    - Collar was so tight I could almost not snap it and the snaps were out of alignment so it kind of bunched up on one side.
    - The arm pockets for pencil/soapstone bunch up when wearing it making it difficult to insert or retrieve anything from the pocket.
    - The cuff snaps are kind of tedious to snap and don't close up enough for welding gloves to go over easily.

    Possessed it for about 15 minutes, boxed it up and sent it back. It could be a nice design with some work. The soft shoulder liner is a good idea as is the cloth collar. Overall though, it sucked.

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    Default Best Leather Welding Jacket

    can't go wrong with a pair of carhart fr bibs and a bulwark or carhart 9oz shirt. and if your still cold burn more rod ... when I get real cold I take a 4' piece of sch80 8" pipe tack a 4" piece of flat bar on the top and tack it under the fab table and run my propane weed burner preheat bottle hose in through the bottom light it up and I'm toasty and my table is nice and warm ...... and that's in alaska

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