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    Default TIG manufacturing career?

    For me a few years ago I realized I would not be happy making the money that would come with shop welding. I'm 26 but going to school for metallurgy and that has brought me some good increases in pay. I still moonlight and work for a local shop. Stay diversified and you'll find the money
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    Fed Poverty Level, couple w/2 kids:

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    chance favors the prepare mind!

    learn all phases of your trade for job security. layout and setting up jigs are just as important as the actual welding process! welding certs mean you can perform basic welding to a minimum standard. welding certs show your employer you have a willingness to learn and better yourself as a tradesman. showing a willingness to learn is huge in todays job market. a few courses at community college are good for your career!

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    The most important thing to learn about in any career is how to understand & manage money. This is the one item that follows you to any career/job you take. By taking courses in investing & financial planning you will learn a valuable skill that most young people today have no clue about. Even if the job you do has nothing to do with money your personal life does.
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    Default Hmmmmmm

    It would be very difficult for me to imagine how a young guy in the Boston area could make rent on a $13/hour salary, let alone eat or have anything like reliable transportation. The screwing of the American worker continues, full tilt boggie. They pay you nothing, expect you to devote yourself to the job, and they will outsource your work to china in a heartbeat and toss you out into the streets if it improves the bottom line by one red cent.

    I'm old, I got mine, but I fret for you young guys who are being turned into wage slaves by pure and simple greed at the top. You may love your job but try and raise a family on romain noodles and see how that works out. Nothing on the economic (I am a retired Economist by the way) or political fronts even hints that things are going to get better and if this free trade agreement with Asia goes through you might just as well forget anything like the sort of life your dad and granddad had.

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    Default Create your own reality with your thoughts

    Whatever you do, always believe in yourself.
    Be a good man with a positive view on life, and you will attract what you think about.

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