I am a relative noob at welding. I probably have welded through 3 or 4 10 lb spools over two years. Anyway I have been practicing more earnestly lately and was hoping forum members would take a peak at this video I recorded showing some of my recent work.

During the last few months I have been doing some research on mig welding and have come across a couple of threads on various forums mentioning the use of a clamp meter on the mig work lead to use as a point of reference. So I thought I would try using one and recording the results of the reads as I welded. My thought was that, along with just looking at the weld results, if I watch the video of the amp reading it could also lend me some insight into how well I was keeping my stick out during the weld.

Here are the results…feel free to flame on it, and, if up for it, give a few thoughts on the results, i.e. any welding defects you can recognize and any advice.... other than..."give up"...

Video factoids: three different welds are shown using a MillerMatic 252 welding 1/4" to 1/2" mild steel in a tee joint, .035" metal cored wire, 26 volts, 500 WFS , 1/2" stick out, 98% Argon 2% Oxygen