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    well said, never gave it much thought of the dust/moisture mixture being much more than dust and water

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    Any vented heat will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raferguson View Post
    Not sure that a dehumidifier will work if the shop is below freezing.....

    They do manufacture dehumidifiers that function at low temperatures. All that would be required would be minimal heat to keep the unit from freezing. I have seen many units that work in 38 degree environments. There may be some that function at lower temperatures.

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    Default Dehumidifiers

    I live in Louisiana & these up and down temps are killing me with condensation.

    My shop is well insulated 20 X 30 metal building with metal on the interior as well.. I did find out that if you keep the air moving continuously (ie... 2 small box fans) you can stop the condensation on the walls & equipment. If I don't run the fans, it will look like a rain forrest with water on everything and dripping from above. The sealed concrete floor is not that easy. I'll go in in the morning after a roller coaster temp change and my floors looked like they have been mopped. little puddles and all. The walls and equipment will be bone dry. I'm sure it is because the floor stays cool and condenses that moisture laden air.

    My question, has anybody had any luck using a dehumidifier in a metal building with roll up doors? I'm thinking that the intrusion allowed by the poor seal of the doors & the rather large opening near the top of the roll ups will defeat the dehumidifier.

    Steve in Louisiana . .
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