Hey there guys:
I was just wondering if Miller's 280DX is actually a purchase item this time. I own the first generation 200DX, and was finding some limitations with it, I was really hot after the newly announced 280 two years ago. Only to be getting the run around by sales and promises of actually being published in the sales brochures. They did pull it from the catalog for further testing...WTF.
I thought it was Miller's sales tactics to sell their bigger machines to people like me that had to have more amps. Well, it worked. I bought a Dynasty 350 last winter, so now you guys can thank me for the now available 280. Now that I have welded with my 350, I have no regrets in buying it. In fact I have welded on projects that I would have exceeded the 280DX's limits.
Hopefully with the new 280 comes out, maybe prices might drop on the 200's or even the 350's. Here is a photo of my 350 on top of my 252 runner kit, with a homemade tig cooler on top.
I will be posting photos of my set up in the projects forum when I get time.