Hey guys i don't have picts because i forgot to take them but i have a dump truck plow rack to repair. The beam on the left side that goes under to the front axle is cracked. The beam is 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall by 1/4" thick. its broke thru the top and down the side about an inch. I am going to plate the top with some 3/4" steel on top (clearance is an issue on the top plate). Then i am going to weld in a 17" piece of 1/4" thick channel that fits tight inside the beam. Of course i'll grind the cracks out and weld them up first. Oh its a newer rack with no rust at all.
My question, i have 6011 and 7018 rods. Which one should i use to weld the cracks up and then the channel and plate. I might not get the penetration with 7018?. I have 125 amps dc available to me and i know my Miller 211 doesn't have the power needed. Thanks for any info. I know with out picts its hard.