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    Question steel shaft 1045

    what is the best way to weld 1045 steel to standard regular steel..thanks

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    Since no one else has replied, I found this from - makes sense to me


    Certain facts about welding of AISI 1045 steel are:

    AISI 1045 steel is readily welded when correct procedure is followed.
    Welding AISI 1045 steel in through-hardened, tempered and flame or induction hardened condition is not recommended.
    Low hydrogen electrodes are preferred for welding AISI 1045 steel.
    The workpiece is
    Pre-heated at 200C300C (392F - 572F)
    Maintained at the same temperature during welding
    Cooled slowly using sand, ashes etc and
    Stress relieved at 550C - 660C (1022F - 1220F).

    The welding tips and tricks guy just did a video on "Tig Welding Carbon Steel and Low Alloy Steel", kind of lines up with this info. Might be worth looking at even if you plan to MIG or stick weld it.


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