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    Default CV for a Big 40D

    I have an older (1985) Big 40 diesel and would like to add a CV to the machine for wire welding. Has anyone done this, and what's involved ? thanks.

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    In 1989 I bought a miller Big 40 with the optional 14 pin CV set up and if I remember correctly it was a factory only option, I tried to set it up with a suitcase feeder in 1995 and even with the help from Plymouth Wayne Welding which was the factory authorized dealer they never could get it to run.

    I was not happy about paying for a option that could not run wire so I ended up buying a Trail Blazer that could actually run wire.

    So I'm curiouse if anyone has ever run a constant Voltage feeder off a machine from that era.

    My partner at that time used the auxillary power off a miller Big 50 to run a XMT 304 with a constant Voltage feeder.

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    Default CV for a Big 40D

    Down load the owners manual. I'm pretty sure that is field install able. I think the part # is in the end of manual.
    I just purchased a used Big 40 D but it had the CV-2 option already, it also has a 50 series wire feeder with it, haven't used it yet but previous owner said they put alot of wire through it and worked well.
    I also downloaded the CV-2 owners manual and pretty sure I remember reading on how to field install that option.
    Haven't used mine yet but talked to guys that have put a lot of rods and wire through one and said they are good welders.

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    First post here, I have a ''91 big 40G, and I cant seem to make it run wire worth a ****, is this a common issue? I run an S32 feeder. Any tricks to making it work, I seem to get an ok bead with solid wire, just a ton of buckshot. Havent tried fluxcore yet. I cant beat the arc for stick and the A/C and DC tig is absolutly super. any insight would be appreciated.

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    Only wire you'll be running in CC is Dual shield and thats on a VS feeder

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    To clarify it has the factory CV option and my feeder is an S32p, will do VS or just feeder. VS with fluxcore it runs cats azz off an sa200.

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