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    Default New to tig welding diversion 180

    So I took advantage of the build with blue promotion and picked up a diversion 180. I have experience mig welding but none with tig. After setting up the welder and trying it out I can't seem to get a puddle to form. Just trying to run an arc. Not sure if its a gas issue. I have the regulator set to 20. I have a pic of piece that I was trying to practice on. Any info on how to correct this or where to start is appreciated
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    Default Gas?

    What gas are you using?


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    Looks like your not running argon.

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    Im running argon. It's the same bottle I use for mig welding. I have a spare bottle that I can try to see if there's a difference. I noticed it says dip tube on the one tank would that make a difference? Wondering if actually got given dip tube at bottle exchange.

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    Uhhh, yeah wrong gas!! Unlikely your running straight Argon Mig welding. More likely its a C-25.

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    Unless you mig weld aluminum with that gas, it looks like the wrong gas for tig welding. The black sooty mess is a tell tale sign. 100% argon for mig welding aluminum. Argon/co2 blended gas for mig welding steel. 100% argon for tig welding.
    Couple other questions. What material are you trying to weld on? How do you have the welder set?
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    Did your machine come with an owners manual? You should read it.

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    just went and checked the gas it 75% argon 25% co2. What would you guys recommend should I get another bottle of 100% argon or is it ok to swap the mixed bottles (have 2) to 100% argon would they be ok for mig welding. The majority of welding I will do is steel. If this is ok I can save a few bucks.

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    Make one bottle pure argon. No one gas will work for both. Tig needs argon or helium. Mig aluminum needs argon, mig steel CO2 or argon mix of some type. SS argon mix.

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    Thanks everyone. I'm gonna go swap one of my bottles out for pure argon and go from there. I might invest in another bottle down the road I loved having that spare for late nights or weekends when LWS are closed. Nothing worse than running out of gas.

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