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Got an email today asking,

I have a cast iron tub that the legs don't attach as firmly to the tub as I would like. Is there any way to tack these to the tub without harming the inside finish on the tub? Or maybe add a cross support to the legs not attached to the tub? ...
Over a couple of decades ago we had a 100 year old house with a clawfoot tub. Since I was renovating the bathroom, which included a new tile floor, I had to disconnect the tub at which time I decided to chrome plate the feet. I got the tub up on a dolly so I could move it about. Then I soaked the set screws and dovetail joints with WD-40. The feet came off without much trouble. When I put it back together I merely snugged up the set screws which are meant only to prevent the feet from sliding out. The feet may have rocked a bit when the tub was suspended. The truth is, I don't quite recall. Regardless, it is the dovetail joint that is taking the stress, which is what you want. Furthermore, I would think that the old the dovetail joint castings are designed to be loose. Certainly better than too tight Sooooo, I would just snug up the set screws and not worry about looseness of the dovetail joints. After it is leveled, the weight of the tub will remove the looseness

Working on the plumbing, the knob and tube wiring, and the tender plaster wood lath walls reinforced with horse hair was an education!