i didn't do my homework and purchased a Spoolmatic 1C ( without a WC-1 control). I assumed that I could plug it into the 14 pin connector in the front of my machine and run off of panel. I contacted miller tech support and was told that I needed a WC-1 controller. I do have a 60M controller on my Maxtron 450 for my mig gun. I asked the miller tech if a Spoolmatic 1C could be run off of my 60M. The tech wasn't aware if this configuration would work. Does anyone have information on running a Spoolmatic 1C on 60m or another way to run this gun on my machine without purchasing a WC1 controller. The Spoolmatic I bought is in excellent shape but, I now question whether this was a great buy. Does anyone know if a 60M can run the Spoolmatic, and have info as to how I can wire it? Where I can buy a reasonable Wc1. Thanks in advance for your help